Shop By Rug Sizes

Shop By Rug Sizes

2' Area Rugs

Rugs on the 2’x3’ end of the spectrum can accentuate certain furniture or make great entryway rugs. Larger 2’ rugs include hallway runners that add soft comfort underfoot and insulate your home from noise.

3' Area Rugs

Whether you aim to frame or enhance a small conversation area or simply add comfort underfoot when you step out of bed in the morning, a 3’ area rug is the perfect inconspicuous decor.

4' Area Rugs

These rugs are great for striking a balance between furniture and negative space. Place your bed on one side of the room and a 4’ round area rug or octagon rug off to the side to fill your room with color!

5' Area Rugs

A common medium size for area rugs, about the perfect size to accent your living room coffee table or frame a small seating arrangement. We also have 5’ round rugs and octagonal rugs available.

6' Area Rugs

These rugs are large enough for more involved seating arrangements, such as a sofa with multiple chairs. If your furniture sits along separate walls, bring it together with a 6’ area rug.

7' Area Rugs

A 7’x7’ square rug is a unique and useful shape and size for several decorating neds. Pair your square rug with a square table, a square room, or other square rugs of different sizes.

8' Area Rugs

Got an old patio in need of new life? Try a large 8’ outdoor area rug. A rug this size should easily cover most of the space, protecting the surface beneath while adding color and pattern to your design.

9' Area Rugs

9’ area rugs are large enough to accommodate much larger furniture. Place the rug under your entire arrangement, whether it’s a double twin bed setup or a long, rectangular dining room table.

10' Area Rugs

If you’re choosing decor for a larger space in need of a soft surface, a 10’ area rug is an exceptional choice. Add subtle color or bold, eye-catching pattern to your whole floor, depending on your needs.

12' Area Rugs

The largest rug size we have in our collection, 12’x16’ foot rugs are designed specifically for the huge spaces that can contain them. If you have a large great room or patio or even a large open-plan home, these are the rugs for you.

Shop Area Rugs by Size

Every space in your home is unique - you have rooms in all sizes and shapes, so it only makes sense to find a rug that fits perfectly.

One of the most important considerations then is your area rug’s size. For example, if you’re decorating in a larger space with a hard surface floor, you can easily transform the area into a soft surface with a 10x13 area rug. For the largest spaces or wall-to-wall rugs, 12x15 is a great choice.

On the other end of the spectrum, a small 2x3 area rug can be incredibly versatile. These rugs provide comfort underfoot while getting ready for bed, or can be the perfect accent to a similarly size coffee table in your living room.

Whatever size space you’re decorating, we’ve got a rug for you!